Discreet and Discrete

Custom Metal and Wood Fabrication


  • IMG_1229
    Outdoor table with benches

    This outdoor patio table has a detachable side table and was made entirely from reclaimed wood.

    As a note about outdoor wood furniture, it needs to be kept inside for the winter and should be refinished ever year.

  • Discrete and Discrete door fabrictor
    Glass walls

    These sliding doors are 8' wide and we created custom rollers for a more unique look for the establishment.

  • IMG_2074
  • IMG_1957
    Hat molds
  • IMG_1979
    Sliding door hardware
  • IMG_2070
    Bent metal leg table
  • IMG_2066
    Blue Angled steel legs
  • IMG_1722
    Beam Bench
  • IMG_1803
    Bent Rusted Steel Table Base
  • IMG_1641
    Round X Base Table

    We have built a lot of the saw buck style tables now but this was the first one that we have be asked to make round.

  • IMG_1597
    Accent Shelf

    For this project we were asked to make a shelf out of drift wood, we had none on hand but did have this beautiful old piece of walnut around that had been looking for a perfect place to show off its unique qualities.  We mounted it using stainless steel pins which were friction fit into the desk, with a plate at the top holding them in place in the walnut.

  • IMG_1908
    Shelving with Cast Sides
  • IMG_1897[1]
    Steel and Glass Door
  • IMG_1457
    Off white epoxy dinner table

    This project was difficult as the client chose a sample from wood we had sourced 5 years previously and wanted it in a different thickness.  We finally came to a compromise on the finish you see here which is a white paint with three coats of off white and grey added for depth, covered in three coats of epoxy, with a finish coat of lacquer for strength.   This same finishing process was applied to the mantle, two side tables and some square stumps.  I have a love hate relationship with epoxy as it provides a finish which is simply unattainable any other way, but is very tricky and finicky finish which can easily not be cost efficient.

    As well for this table the base has been made so that it can be two heights, one at the standard 30 and with the riser it comes up to 36" high which is standard counter height.

  • IMG_0900
    Steel Bar

    This is a bar for a new restaurant on the Ossington strip in Toronto.  It was an interesting project as it took a process that we have done before, breakforming steel by cutting a groove in the back to make a tight bend in the 3/16 steel, but never on this scale.  The bar is 20' long and has a 6' return on it making it quite large for our modest shop.  We ran into some problems with the process but overall it turned out very well.

  • IMGP3800
    Wood Storage

    The steel for this was rolled using our shop built bender using some steel left over from the bent bench project.  This was an attempt to show off the possibilities of this steel and make the wood area, previously bags of scrap fire wood) into an artful display for the wood which is easy to access due to the several levels created by the steel structure.

  • IMGP3785
    Rustic table top with simple base

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    A colaborative design with Williams Craig Design this table base constructed from 2" x 1/2" steel and powder coated.  This modern design creates a nice contrast with the rustic top, which is sanded as little as possible to remove snags and burrs.  This process leaves as much of the natural character in the wood as possible.

  • IMGP3740
    Bathroom cabinet

    This was a one off product we manufactured using water jet cut steel parts that we welded and fitted on site.  The colour was a custom powder we purchased just for this job.

  • IMGP3709
    Table with Wheels

    Constructed for Smash Salvage using relaimed hardwood and stained a dark cherry red.  The simple steel base complements the top and is finished with a spray on clear coat.

  • IMGP3707
    Rustic wood planter

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    Smash Salvage supplies most of our relcaimed lumber, these are the outsides of lamp posts cut off by one of their suppliers and considered garbage.  We have been able to use them for planters on a couple of projects, this one is on the front of our building.

  • IMG_1119
    35 foot long table

    This table completed for Williams Craig Design from their design, is the longest table we have constructed so far.  We made if from reclaimed barn floor boards, joined into six sections measuring 12' x 2 1/2' which were glued up onsite to create the final table.  To pull the long sections together (hard to get clamps 24' or 35' long) we made milled out slots on the underside and used threaded rod with nuts to pull the sections together.  The slots visible on the top running down the middle of the table allow for computer cables to run down and away from the users.  This made the gluing up of the table much easier as the boards did not need to line up all the way down the table.  The finish on the table is as rustic as we could make it and still have the surface be usable.  It is a simple process of finishing the table before any thing but a quick sweep has been done to the wood, then sanding and finishing twice more to create a natural but durable finish which keeps the natural character of the wood.

  • IMG_1262
    Live edge table

    We constructed 3 of these table for Cupplus.  They wanted a live edge for the table but the only boards we had in stock with a live edge were birch, though we did not have enough to do the whole table tops.  Thus we made the compromise of putting maple boards we had in stock on the inside and having the birch on the outside.  The result we are very happy with and have duplicated the effect by using walnut and maple as well.

  • IMG_1296
    White barnboard clad walls

    For this barn board wall the client wanted reclaimed white painted siding that we were unable to source in time for the job.  We were forced to paint barn board white and then sand it back a little to create the effect you see here.  The strong texture of the wood withe the light coat of paint creates a very nice contrast to the stark white drywall to be found in the rest of the office suit.

  • IMG_1300
    Custom Brackets for Floating Shelves

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    We have done a number of different takes on the floating shelves.  Ideally we would install the brackets directly to the studs prior to drywall being installed.  But when as is usually the case this in no possible we resort to other solutions, in this case the customer was going to use the shelving for very heavy art books so strength was an issue.  She did not mind seeing the steel on the wall, this allowed us to construct the brackets you see here which are much stronger than completely invisible brackets and still allow for the clean horizontal lines of the shelves to come through.  As well this is the first project that we used a company to make the 2" shelves for us using the hollow core construction method (like many doors).  This meant that they were perfectly flat and level and much lighter than conventionally constructed 2" shelves.

  • IMG_1341
    Custom Steel Brackets

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  • IMG_1026
    Lee Valley Pantry Installation

    This pantry system purchased from Lee Valley fit the existing space with 1/8" to spare (less in some areas where drywall need to be cut away).  The trick with this installation was altering the existing wall so that when you put a perfectly square cabinet next to it, it did not look as out of square as it was.  We did this with a few carefully cut pieces of solid maple, one that tapered from 1" down to 1/4" at the bottom where the wall splayed out, this is the difficulty of quoting on custom installations.

  • IMG_1333
    Steel and Glass Railing

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    This project was constructed half in the shop and half on site so that all of the angles would join perfectly.  We had decided to have the whole railing powder coated so as to make a very durable finish over the railing, this made two problems.  First that the structure could not be altered after painting so it would need to fit perfectly.  The second was that all the parts would need to fit into the oven at the powder coaters.  As with any business, part of the work is finding suppliers and this job found us with a new glass supplier and a hardware supplier who we will definitely be using in the future.

  • IMG_0702
    simple bench
  • legdetail(1)
    coffee table with steel legs

    These legs were made from the off cut from some angled legs still in prototype purgatory.  They are a take on the hair pin legs available all over Etsy but with a slight twist.  The top is what happens if you want a very clean table top from reclaimed wood, in that there are areas where the aged wood has been completely stripped away making it very light, but some of the wood from closer to the surface remains quite dark creating some striking contrasts.

  • IMG_0852
    Pipe base no fittings

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  • IMG_0395
    Herman Miller knock off table

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  • IMG_0840
    Restaurant with barn board bar

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  • IMG_1009
    Built in Bench

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    New tools allow you new possibilities, this is definitely the case with the Fesstool track saw which allowed us to build these benches onsite simply and easily with many angles cuts these would be a nightmare to cut with a table saw, as well we can nest parts together making for very little wood loss.

  • IMG_0583
    Wall Brackets

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    These wall brackets came about from Smashes desire to have a nice small wall bracket and our desire to minimize waste, in this case the left over wood from the simple stool.  The only problem comes when the brackets are more popular than the stools.

  • IMG_1915
    Simple Stool

    This stool can be provided in a number of heights.  It has a powder coated base and the top is maple which has been shaped on the lathe.  The seat is attached to a metal plate from which the legs are welded that adds strength to the top.  The top is finished with a light coat of linseed oil which has a slightly warm colour and leaves the wood feeling smooth and natural.

  • IMGP3628
    barn board wall with floating shelf

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  • IMG_0374
    pipe base with rustic top

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  • IMG_0381
    5 x 10 inch wood plates

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  • IMGP3545
    Simple Steel Base

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  • IMGP3553
    Movable shop shelving

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  • IMGP3581
    Floating shelves

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  • IMG_0968
    Prototype stool

    These are a stool we have been working on for some time, starting out with no back.  The edges are still a little too sharp on them and on the next iteration that will be water jet cut we will be rounding off the front edge a lot more to improve comfort but still keeping the minimalist appearance.

  • IMGP3453
    I Beam Base

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  • IMGP3489
    Sliding Barn Doors

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  • IMGP3498
    BBQ Hood

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  • IMGP3169
    Oak Slab Table Top

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  • IMGP3459
    Triple Saw Buck

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  • IMG_0214
    Kitchen Counter Unit

    This is a kitchen counter unit built with three drawers.  The top and drawer fronts are reclaimed steel with all the marks left in it.

  • IMGP3424
    White/Grey Saw Buck

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  • IMGP3445
    Steel Bench

    This bench was designed for Crema to sit out front of their Danforth location.  It was the first project to use the metal roller that I fabricated.  I hope we have a chance to work on this design again.

  • Plates

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    We made plates!  Cut from logs these plates were coated with epoxy then finished with a clear satin finish.

  • IMGP3100

    This is our prototype bench, it is 16" wide and 52" long, though with this design these dimensions can be changed quite dramatically.

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  • Harvest Table

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  • IMGP2494
    Saw Buck Table

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  • IMGP2543
    Six legged table

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    This table is 38" wide by 156" long.